The end result of what we do is a high performance organisation. We like to leave you with sustainable competitive advantage. What we do and how we do it is designed with this aim in mind.

We take our understanding of psychology, systems and organisational culture, and combine it with our insight and expertise in brands and effective business. We look at your organisation as a “system” with its aim to deliver results.

To build your capability effectively we might need to know more about your organisation first, which might require a meeting or two, some calls to your team, and some of our own research. Or we can come and run a Pathfinder with you to help diagnose the problem and test a hypothesis or two. With clients who have a clear and specific need we can just agree a programme of work from our Pathforward practice


Knowing your goal is one thing. Having a plan to deliver is another. Wingivers believes that the best plans are developed in partnership. These plans combine the wisdom of people working in the business with our distinctive perspective. The planning starts with Pathfinder.

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Pathforward is a particular programme of Organisation Development activities that we work on with you, typically following a Pathfinder. It is developed to suit the organisation’s needs, that we have discovered together.

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The Essential Kit

Over the last few years, whilst developing our practice, we noticed certain familiar patterns of practices and behaviours within our client organisations. We co-ordinated our reading and research to build a model to aid our consulting approach which evolved through stages until the Wheel arrived. With our passion and curiosity for people and their organisations, we created a medium for starting great conversations about how we see ourselves and our organisations.

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