Organisation development for better organisation effectiveness is at the core of our practice, and we work on culture change, employee engagement, executive coaching, leadership development, performance management and team building, to give you a high performance organisation.

Whilst change management and organisation development is of benefit to almost all organisations, we find we add most value to service businesses (B2B and B2C specialist retail) and Third Sector organisations.

Service businesses

Your customer and the moment of truth

A successful service business relies on the efficiency of its business and production processes and the quality of its staff to deliver your service proposition. Your customer sees only a fraction of your business, literally the front end, maybe in only a five minute snapshot – the moment of truth. That moment is the reality of everything you built your business for.

We help you gear up the whole business to make that service experience one that encourages your customer to buy, buy more and return. A regular 5 minute repeated experience can become a long term loyalty.

Third Sector Organisations

A Robust Social Mission

We understand that third sector organisations have a purpose to deliver social as opposed to material wealth. Delivery of your goals and service excellence requires a robust business-like capability that does not compromise your core social purpose and values. We support you to examine all the machinery, systems and people that work towards service delivery. Great leadership with clarity of vision and the skills to take people on the journey exists as a powerful phenomenon in any organisation.

Genius simplicity

Our clients tell us that this ability to deeply understand, then offer deceptively simple, interactive and engaging interventions is our unique genius.