Knowing your goal is one thing. Having a plan to deliver is another. Wingivers believes that the best plans are developed in partnership. These plans combine the wisdom of people working in the business with our distinctive perspective. The planning starts with Pathfinder.

Our end goal is that you are left excited and clear about what you have to do next and feel that you have worked with some people who could help you achieve your goals.

Pathfinder is a collaborative piece of work inside your business between you and us, Wingivers.

In our first meeting we take a brief and this constitutes the basis for the Pathfinder work.

We use this to plan a 2-3 day programme of discussions and workshops in which you and your people take part.

Our consulting team will stay locally and start and end each day with you talking through the plan for the day and what we have found together. By the end of the work you will have a clear path and the detailed next steps about how you are going to move forward.

We charge a straightforward price, which includes everything (up to three consultants, our preparation, and our fees for Pathfinder).  Our goal is to make the transaction with Wingivers as simple as possible.

The purpose of the Pathfinder is:

  • to nail down the opportunity or challenge that a business wants to address
  • to create a plan which is owned by the team that are accountable for delivering success inside the business, based on understanding and ideas which are owned by the team partnered by Wingivers
  • to identify the capability, energy and resources that the business has to address the challenge (and any gaps)
  • to identify the approach for your business which will deliver the required results