Games Makers – how did they do it?

We are very interested in the supreme experience offered to people during the Olympics and forthcoming Paralympics by the Games Makers. These people were ordinary people being exceptional – and it had an impact on the way we felt about our Olympics experience and ourselves. They made us proud to British and easily able to have fun and talk to people we didn’t know. Wingivers believes that people serving others need to know their stuff – these guys certainly did; they need to be able to be themselves, talking naturally and feeling good about what they are doing and then the extraordinary happens.
We witnessed a group of them who’d formed an impromptu choir give a great performance at the Live Stage in the Olympic park:
For a sound bite – see
Further research into what lies behind the success of the Games Makers has uncovered Jean Tomlin – LOCOG’s HR Director and the involvement of McDonalds.

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