Getting back on the bike


Inspired by my son who is churning out multiple blogs each week and his generation, who have less inhibition and clear articulation – I’m having another go at writing the Wingivers blog.  The world of work and developing effective organisations is as important as ever – I’d like to add some notes from our experiences. 

Here is Joan and I – we have been working together in the organisation effectiveness field for over 12 years in Wingivers and for years before that at Mars Inc. This morning at our weekly team call, the conversation was as vibrant as ever among six of us (Anita and Simon were not there this morning) – debating the best ways of supporting clients, noting our own learning and how to further sharpen the Pathfinder into the plan for the Pathforward.

So much of our being effective as consultants is about trying to work skillfully with the clients starting with where they are (rather than where consultants think they should be). This gets easier as the quality of the relationship develops.  In the early days, the clients’ expectations of us and our contribution, and our desire to do what is right, can conflict. “[clients] want the answer in simple, easy to use steps. No pain, big gain. The instinct for speed and simplicity, …is an obstacle to wisdom and the reflection required for real change.” From Peter Block Flawless Consulting Fieldbook. Today we talked about how we can ensure the Pathfinder helps form the kind of relationships through which the business can be helped and guided by external people, like us.

I saw a fantastic phrase this week, used to describe a particular approach to investing in growth companies – “patient capital”. That’s what we are in to. Patient investment which creates value and real growth.

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