Cheese scores a point but misses the point

I really like the CIPD’s more overtly data driven approach. Fascinating bit of research on values and what we’ve all known for some time – 40% of employees think that company values are hogwash and are mystified about employers lack of action when behaviour in the business means that the values are being trashed of any meaning.

I seem to get regular reports of research and survey, which suggests the CIPD is scanning the world of work and checking out the hotspots. Great contribution. Thanks

However, today I see the CIPD quite differently. Peter Cheese, the new CEO has opened up the CIPD’s annual conference in Manchester, with a sense of where he wants to take the organisation.

Sadly, his speech reinforces one of the problem mindset issues in Human Resources. That HR is about work and working lives, people development and … Well that is not a great place to start.

It may be unfashionable to say it when the guy has just joined – that maybe the CIPD’s purpose but if that is HR’s (Human Resources) purpose – then it deserves no more than an observer seat at the top table of the enterprise (whether its commercial or not for profit).

Central to Human Resource Management  is the success of the enterprise – the capability of the group of people and groups of groups of people to make a success of the enterprise. And in order for people to be able to do this how is the “work system” best organised and supported, lead and managed to deliver – day in day out. And that includes the policies and processes, development and training for people to be successful in work, so that the enterprise can be successful.

The HR profession seem to easily lose sight of their primary task – creating and sustaining a successful enterprise, and then gets frustrated when they end up on the second tier management team.

Living organisation values and rebuilding trust in leadership (what the CIPD research pieces suggests) is essential because people need consistent and effective leadership to perform. If they are not performing or half performing because their minds have drifted towards things that have more meaning for their lives – then the first thing to suffer is the enterprise, the customer, the overheads, the quality of work, the viability of that organisation.

Mr Cheese – please don’t start your important job pointing in the wrong direction.

End of rant

To see the press release please click here

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