Strong words for small business owners

Today Tim and I spent the day with a small business in a niche fashion sector trading with consumers online and selling to specialist shops. They are in trouble and losing heart. We worked with a simple process with Katherine Woods of Meeting Magic to help them think through their options. There was no “continue limping on” option. There were three options – manage withdrawal, re-finance or “work you backside off for six months” to give your selves a decision point in six months time. The owners are already working their backsides off – and the third option needed more work. Together we worked to create a clear sense of choosing a few things that will make a material difference, offer focus and delivers desperately needed cash and clears out stock and addresses under-performing agents. The third option is all about taking decisions which have been difficult to take to date and can be avoided by facing into the demands of “business as usual”. Tough stuff and a reminder of the challenge that small business people face trying to give themselves time to – plan – do – review – All three regularly circled, each week – in a quiet space without interruption. Its not easy but can make a massive difference if the discipline can be sustained. doreviewplan

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