Working with consultants – different styles

“The expert” (I’ll show you how…) has a specialized knowledge and gives advice and direction. This approach is good for quick fix or when you don’t want to pay to grow the expertise in house. However, when the expert leaves, so does the know-how.

“The Facilitator” (Lets work out how you will do it…) works in partnership and encourages the client’s skills and know-how to emerge. This works when you want to learn and grow and retain that capability. It places ownership, energy, responsibility and momentum in the hearts and hands of the target groups.

In Wingivers, we know that the best kind of support is facilitating your awareness, skills and learning. Our purpose is leave you stronger and more resourceful.

We have developed 4 stages of support in a project with a purpose to improve effectiveness and produce better results. At all times we place the relationship with you at the centre of our work together, working in plain english with humanity and humility.